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Glans denervation - an option or not?

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Glans denervation - an option or not?

Сообщение KrilleFP »

Good day doctor!

I would like to know more when glans denervation is advisable and when it's not. I've read a lot on your website but I'm not sure the translation always comes out correct.

My situation:
1. I don't have a severe problem with premature ejaculation. I usually endure 5-10 minutes when having sex, and that's not bad, but I wish I could persist longer.
2. I don't have a regular partner, and my sex life is irregular.
3. I'm completely circumcised (you know that since I'm one of your former patients, but the readers don't know), so foreskin and frenulum are not a factor.

Could glans denervation be an option in my case? Or is it only a "luxury problem" and I should stick to what I have and be happy?

What's our opinion doctor?

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Re: Glans denervation - an option or not?

Сообщение Doctor »

Hello KrilleFP! Nice to hear you.
Hope everything is ok with you and you get what you desire after our procedure.

About glans denervation or penile neurectomy. It's a final method of surgical treatment of premature ejaculation. And it's we use it if we absolutly ensure that sensitivity of glans plays major role. So patient can losу sensitivity in exchange for a longer duration of sex.
Test with anesthetic or lidocaine test - helps us to decide. Of course this test does not give a 100% guarantee. But it's all we have to evaluate efficiensy of denervation, circumcision and frenuloplasty.

Try to do it. It's better to use Emla gel (made in Sweden by the way ;) ).
And tell me about your results.
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